Wednesday, 17 February 2016

MANTHAN: A BJS initiative under 'WERC-ENG' (Wagholi Educational Rehabilitation Centre- Empowering the Next Generation)

Pre-emption of a possible future crisis on the already victimized families of Maharashtra, is now a prime concern for Bharatiya JainSanghatana (BJS). To this end, BJS has worked out a plan for the creation, development and the sustainability of a Mental Health support system at WERC towards ensuring the psycho- social well-being of this extremely vulnerable group of children. 'Manthan', the programme on mental health, will aim to contribute towards the achievement of some of the critical outcomes of the larger project i.e. to nurture a positive attitude in these children for enabling them to become productive and responsible members of the society and also to help increase their educational and general outcomes through a focused improvement in their physical as well as mental health.


·     -To save the children of farmers who have committed suicides from the eventual outcomes of it. Theseoutcomes may include sensitive issues like mental instability, stagnation of growth, depression, crime, alcoholism, and so on.
·        -To give children the opportunity to identify and understand their maximum capacity in their different zones and utilize it to the maximum
·       -To give sound, hygienic and positive living atmosphere and to concentrate on all-round improvement of students
·        -To involve students in curricular and extra-curricular activities to identify their abilities and skills
·        -To enable the students to utilize their potential and nurture them to prosper in their future
·        -To inspire the students to focus on their lives by concentrating on their interested career path
·        -To empower the children to be the change agents for bettering the socio-economic prospects of their own families and communities, by availing and leveraging the opportunities that good education can provide

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